General Guidelines

How to file RTI Application

Sample of an RTI Application


The Public Information Officer
Name of the department
Address of the department
City (state)
Applicant’s name
Postal address
City (state)

Subject: Application under Right to Information act, 2005.

Dear Sir,
           I would like to get the following information in document/sample/electronic record/inspection form. Please provide the following in specified time limit:-


I am ready to pay the required fee for the information/I’m a BPL applicant, so please provide the information free of cost.

Encl. - Rs. 10/- application fee./ In case of BPL(Please enclose a proof of BPL or your BPL Card Number)

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely
Applicant’s signature
Applicant’s name

The below mentioned points should be kept in mind while drafting these questions-

Firstly, if the asked information is about any particular time, the time should be mentioned very clearly. The date, month, year whatever is required, should be specified.

Secondly, if the query is about any project, the maximum known and possible details should be given by the applicant in the application.

Thirdly, if the application contains matters related to any particular case which relates to a particular person, the information provided by the applicant should be such that there is no ambiguity regarding the related case.]

Fee structure of the Chhattisgarh government under Right to Information Act, 2005:

For APL:-

1. (a) Application fee will be Rs. 10/- in any department which will be given with the application. This can be paid either by cash or chaalan or non-judicial stamp or Money Order

The head for Chaalan is “Major Head-0070-Sub Head-800-Other Receipts “

b) Fees for information:-

Sr.No. Information Fees
1. Photocopy of A-4 or A-3 size paper 2 Rs. per page
2. Bigger than A-4 or A-3 size paper Actual Cost
3. Sample or Model Actual Cost
4. Record Inspection *For first hour – 50 Rs. 
*After first hour- 5 Rs for each 15 minutes or it’s part
5. CD or Floppy 5o Rs.

1. (b) If the applicant goes to the first appeal, the fee that will be given by him will be Rs. 50/-. This can be paid either by cash or non judicial stamp. If the info is needed through post an additional Rs. 25/- has to be given.

1.(c) If the application is to be sent in the second appeal, Rs. 100/- will be the fee. Either cash or chaalan or non judicial stamp or money order- all the 4 ways can be used to pay the money in the 2nd appeal. If the info is needed through post again an additional Rs. 25/- has to be paid.

For BPL Applicant:-

* There are no application fees for BPL.

* Information Fees:-

1. They can obtain the copy of 50 pages free of cost or which costs 100 Rs. But, if the information costs more than 100 rs, than PIO provide the information of 50 pages to applicant free of cost and for the rest information, he will request the applicant to inspect the information.

2. There are no inspection fees, appeal fees for BPL Person.

What is Challan:-

Challan is a standard form prescribed for government payments as per rules of Chhattisgarh Treasury Code known as CGTC. This format is designed for collection of government payments viz. sales tax, excise duty, professional tax, land revenue etc. from various private institutions, individuals from time to time and is implemented by government departments as per the requirements.

Process to make a Challan:-

To make a Challan, there is a form, which can be easily accessible from any stationary shop or stamp vendor from the courts. Applicant should fill the 4 copies of this form and have to submit it to the Branch of State Bank of India (which has the facility to make Challan,Applicant can confirm this from local SBI branch).

Applicant has to fill the following details in the space provided in Chaalan form:-

* By Whom Brought - Applicant’s Name.

* On what Account – Public Information Officer, Name of the Department.

* Head of Revenue - Major Head-0070-Sub Head-800-Other Receipts

(This head is only applicable for Chhattisgarh state.)

* Amount – As prescribed by the Government of Chhattisgarh.

(There are no provisions for any commission to make Challan.)


Recently, Chhattisgarh government introduced a facility of E-Challan.This facility is very useful for people, because in practice it reduce the time to stand in queue for long time in Bank and you can easily make it through internet in few seconds.

To make an e-challan-

Firstly applicant should log on to and than click on the link of e-Challan.After clicking the link, he will find other link for the registration. He should register himself/herself to file an E-Challan.As applicant register himself/herself, He can directly approach to the process to make e-challan by signing in on to home page. As he signed in on home page, he will find a list of departments.Than, he has to select the department and the details, which will followed by the departments.Applicants, who have the accounts in SBI or UTI Bank can make a challan from here. Than the applicant should accomplish the formality to make payment and they will get the copy of the e-challan.

As this is new facility to the people of Chhattisgarh.Some times it works, sometime does not. You have a very good luck to file an e-challan with this site.

Non Judicial Stamps:-

Applicant can get the Non Judicial Stamp from their local stamp vendor at courts. There are two types of Non Judicial. One is Non Judicial Stamp {NJS} and the other is Non Judicial Paper {NJP}.Chhattisgarh government notified Non Judicial Stamp as mode of payment for payment of fees under the RTI.

The NJS is a very small revenue stamp size ticket, which applicant can affix on their RTI application.But, many stamp vendors doesn’t have because of different reasons, so they provide NJP to the people.

Chhattisgarh government accepting the NJP also as mode of fees.So, applicant can write their application on it or they can enclose the NJP with their paper of application. These both ways to file application are accepting.

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